Magdalena, New Mexico

Location: The Bruton Ranch is located in Western, New Mexico between Magdalena, New Mexico and Datil, New Mexico with frontage on US Highway 60 near the VLA (Very Large Array). The majority of Bruton ranch lies south of the highway.
Size: 11,585 acres deeded
31,300 acres NM State lease
16,960 acres BLM lease
59,845 acres total or 93 ½ sections
Carrying Capacity: Bruton Ranch has a capacity of 740 animal units.
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Bruton Ranch is a very productive ranch with an excellent turf containing many varieties of strong grass, an abundance of chamisa browse, and a huge aquifer of shallow water located in very accessible easy to work country with excellent year round climate that is ideal for cattle ranching. This outstanding ranch lies in the San Augustine Plains and consists of flats, draws, open rolling terrain, and foothills with tree cover. Spectacular 360-degree views of the many mountain ranges surrounding the San Augustine Plains are visible from all parts of Bruton Ranch.
The Bruton family has ranched for 5 generations in New Mexico and this ranch has been their headquarters for the last 50 years. Bruton Ranch Headquarters has 2 owners' homes that are of quality construction and in very good condition. One of these homes is approximately 2,352 square feet in size, while the other one contains approximately 2,500 square feet. Both contain 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. In addition to the owners' homes there is a 12' x 56' house. The barns, corrals, fences, waters, etc. were built and maintained over the years. There is a 2,898 square feet Morgan Building barn, a 36' x 60' by 14 1/2' high open sided metal hay barn, and a 8' x 40' tack / feed barn with a 16' x 40' covered shed. Cattle are shipped at the headquarters and these shipping pens have a set of Fairbanks Morse scales. All improvements are functional and in good condition.
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Grasses on Bruton Ranch are very palatable and are noted for their strength. There are a large variety of grasses due to the varied soil types. This is ideal in that both cool and warm season grasses are well represented, providing green feed over a longer time period. Some of the most common grasses are blue grama, side oats grama, six weeks grama, buffalo grass, red top (salt grass), vine mesquite grass, drop seeds, and bluestems.

Chamisa, winter fat, Apache plume and fringed sage provide browse that is utilized heavy in winter months and in dry times. In fact, this abundance of chamisa provides Bruton Ranch livestock a high protein diet when other ranches are supplemental feeding expensive protein blocks or cubes. Pinon and juniper trees are found in the foothills on the southern portion of the ranch. Just off Bruton Ranch ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, spruce, and aspen trees are found in the mountains that surround the San Augustine Plains.


World-class pronghorn antelope are found on Bruton ranch and neighboring ranches. The Bruton Ranch receives 3 annual permits from the New Mexico Game Department to hunt antelope that can be used by the ranch owners or sold. These permits are in high demand and area guides will readily pay $3,500 each for them. The caliber of antelope on the ranch is apparent; since antelope permits in other parts of New Mexico sell for $300 to $500. Elk and mule deer are also present on the ranch.

Bruton Ranch joins 3,000,000 acres of US Forest Service lands that offer beautiful ponderosa forests, miles of trout streams, numerous lakes and huge herds of elk, deer, antelope, and turkey. This national forest is also home to mountain lion, bighorn sheep, black bear, lobo wolf, bobcat, fox, coyote, badger, bald eagle, golden eagle, ducks, geese, quail, dove, and many other species of wild animals. The national forest is open to the public to hunt, fish, hike, ride, camp, etc. This area of New Mexico is famous for having the World's largest elk. Elk in the area have scored over 400 Boone and Crocket. Mule deer also grow large racks in this area with Boone and Crocket 200 plus bucks killed in recent years. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Torgeson Family Wildlife Center also borders Bruton Ranch.

Bruton Ranch is fortunate to be located in the San Augustine Plains, which once was a large inland lake. Beneath the surface is a large aquifer of water that is soft and pure. Wells in the area remain at the same level and there is no shortage of water. Irrigation wells producing 1,000 to 3,000 gallons per minute are located immediately south, north and west of Bruton ranch. 19 wells with windmills, solar, or electric submersible pumps along with pipelines and dirt earthen ponds provide livestock water. Since Bruton Ranch is located in an open water basin it may be possible to obtain irrigation rights from the New Mexico State Engineer’s Office should a new owner wish to farm some of the ranch.
Well Name Location Drilled Depth

High Lonesome

SW1/4 SW1/4
Sec 17 T2S R7W
unknown unknown
Warm Well
SE1/4 SE1/4
Sec 34 T2S R7W
1958 unknown
Sand Well
SW1/4 NW1/4
Sec 12 T4S R9W
1916 200 feet
Arrowhead Well SE1/4 NE1/4
Sec 30 T2S R8W
1958 180 feet
White Lake Well NW1/4 NW1/4
Sec 31 T2S R8W
1920 200 feet
Davis Well
SE1/4 SE1/4
Sec 5 T3S R7W
1929 233 feet
Bone Moco Well SE1/4SE1/4
Sec 14 T3S R8W
1922 270 feet
Estafiate Well NW1/4 NE1/4
Sec 20 T3S R8W
1908 190 feet
Morine Well SE1/4 NE1/4
Sec 21 T3S R8W
1923 249 feet
West Arm Well NW1/4
Sec 30 T3S R6W
1976 350 feet
Garcia Well Sec 31 T2S R8W 1909 164 feet
Gozy Well NE1/4 NE1/4
Sec 36 T3S R8W
1976 651 feet
White Well SE1/4
Section 4 T4S R8W
1920 200 feet
Clements Lake Well NE1/4
Sec 9 T3S R8W
1918 200 feet
Fox Well SE1/4 SE1/4
Sec 2 T4S R8W
1960 575 feet
North Arm Well NE1/4SE1/4
Sec 13 T2S R8W
1979 368
CC Camp Well NW1/4
Sec 8 T3S R7W
1934 264 feet
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Comments: Bruton Ranch has virtually no wasteland with an excellent turf, good winter browse, and an ocean of shallow underground potable water. It has excellent access, is close to schools and shopping, and is located in beautiful country with superb year round climate and numerous recreational opportunities. This is a rare offering of a quality ranch that until now has not been available for purchase in 50 years! The sellers would consider operating the ranch after its sale in order to familiarize the purchasers with its operation or would possibly lease the ranch back for a period of time should a buyer not want to immediately stock it.

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